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Spiritual wellness meaningful at the turn of the New Year

Spiritual wellness meaningful at the turn of the New Year

With the holiday season only recently concluded and the New Year having just begun, taking a moment to focus on Spiritual Wellness can be important.

As part of its community campaign to focus on wellness, Community Mental Health Center, Inc., Lawrenceburg, is introducing the Eight Dimensions of Wellness created and promoted by the U. S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. In this story, we are focusing on Spiritual Wellness.

The Spiritual Dimension of Wellness is defined by SAMHSA as “expanding our sense of purpose and meaning in life.” Aspects of this dimension you may wish to explore include:

  • Making time for practices that enhance your sense of connection to self, nature, others, and your belief in a high power
  • Discovering what values, principles, and beliefs are most important to you
  • Finding a community whose spiritual outlook you share
  • Helping others when they are in need, with activities such as volunteering to give of yourself, your talent and your treasures to make a difference in someone’s life

“The path to wellness is different for each individual and each community. It is a journey that, once undertaken, can lead to achievement of longevity and improved quality of life,” said Tom Talbot, CMHC Executive Director. “The Spiritual Dimension is a good place to begin, for us, for our communities, and for the New Year.”

It’s important to engage children, as well, as they develop their spiritual awareness. Parents, grandparents, siblings and other family members can help children reflect on their families’ spiritual practices. Families can share stories, look up inspirational quotes, or watch an uplifting family movie. Children can make their own posters with motivational quotes. Families can encourage children to make donations to a good cause or volunteer to help the less fortunate in their communities.

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